NFL Week 13 Picks (Thursday)

Here’s my picks for NFL week 13’s games:


Lions @ Packers

   Let’s start with the Lions. I think Stafford and Megatron are two great players but they need to step it up. Losing to the Bucs was quite sad and the Packers are far better than the Bucs.  However the Pack have Matt Flynn in at QB.  While much better than Tolzien he Is no Rodgers but can win. Eddie Lacy is a huge difference maker.

Pick: Packers 24 Lions 17


Raiders @ Cowboys

   The Raiders are actually a very talented team. Regardless of whos at QB they have played well at times and I think they can win. The Cowboys on the other hand are far too inconsistent. They lose important games like this one. Especially Romo.

Pick: Raiders 27 Cowboys 20


Steelers @ Ravens

   The Ravens have played very poorly on all sides of the game. The Champs are nothing but a sack of their old self.  The Steelers however are on a win streak and may keep it up.

Pick: Steelers 31 Ravens 13